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Do you know any skate shops that are not Zumiez?

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Despite their popularity and relatively good services, Zumiez shops are often known as bad places to buy your skateboard. We are sure that many of you are still uncertain about this claim, so let’s find out about Zumiez and their products.

In additions, if you don’t want to buy skateboard gears at Zumiez, whether it’s a personal preference or you think that their products aren’t worth, we’ll be giving you a few good alternatives.

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That being said, let’s find out all about this matter following our discussions.

About Zumiez

If you want to look for a large and reliable retail company that sells everything about skateboards, then it’s Zumiez where you should be heading to. Many people usually compare them to Walmart, however, as the company only sells skateboard products, you’ll be getting a wider range of choice when shopping at Zumiez.

In additions, you’ll also receive better customer supports as the employees are quite friendly and have better skateboard-related knowledge. Although not all of them are professional skateboarders, they would still be able to answer most of the beginner’s questions. On the other hand, since Walmart is a retail brand that sells mostly anything, it would be difficult for you to have the same level of satisfaction as buying at Zumiez.

That being said, if you’re looking to purchase that average skateboard to start getting into skateboarding, then Zumiez is not entirely a bad place. With all kinds of different gears and accessories, you’ll mostly find what you’re looking for when shopping here.

Why people don’t like Zumiez?

the reason people don’t like Zumiez
the reason people don’t like Zumiez

However, there are still many skaters who don’t like buying products from Zumiez. Although there are many reasons for this, in most cases, skaters don’t like going here because of the way they sell their products.

Although it’s a well-known skateboarding chain store and they do sell most anything related to skateboarding, the company tends to shift more into soft goods. These could be referred to as skateboarding shoes, clothes, protective gears, and the likes. If they do sell boards, then these would probably pre-assembled boards with little customizations.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for skateboard hardware like decks, trucks, wheels, or bearings, you’ll find that the options are quite limited. The reason for this is, as a retail company, it’s natural for Zumiez to focus on the more profitable goods. And these are, as you could’ve guessed, shoes, clothes, preassembled and mass-produced skateboards, and the likes. While if they were to sell the hard goods for professional skaters, they’ll not make a lot of money.

Hence, Zumiez is not the best place to look for skateboard components. It’s still a good chain store though, it’s just not the best choice.

That being said, the following articles will provide you some of the best skate shops for buying skateboard goods.

Good online alternatives

Good online alternatives
Good online alternatives

Shopping online has become more and more convenient, here you’ll find some excellent skateboard shops that you could trust:


If you’re living in California or its neighborhoods, then Skatewarehouse should be a good store for buying skateboard hardware, both online and offline. Originally formed in 2002 by a group of friends who share the same passion with skateboarding, the company has been improving their products throughout the years.

Skatewarehouse, is now a trusted brand which sells multiple skateboard-related products, including skateboards, longboards, gears, accessories, clothes, and so on.


Originated from the Pacific Northwest with beautiful snow-white mountains, Tactics is one of a few companies that sell both skateboarding and snowboarding products. You can find mostly everything for the two sports in their shops which always come with excellent craftsmanship quality.

SoCal Skateshop

If you’re looking for an online version of Zumiez, then SoCal Skateshop is probably the best place to go. Their online stores offer hundreds of different products with various price points. You can easily find what you need and at reasonable prices too. However, like Zumiez, the company tends to shift more into selling soft goods rather than good old skateboard items.

CCS Skateshop

Being one of the oldest stores in our list, CCS has always been around ever since the skateboarding trend came. Humbly started in 1985 as a small skate store with post office delivering services, the company stared their online business with the birth of the Internet.

Today, they’ve built up their reputation as one of the largest online skate shops for skateboarders. There are not many things that you can’t find at CCS Skateshop.

Skate America

The company is known to provide legit skateboard items at fairly reasonable prices. It’s where you can find the best skateboard wheels, trucks, bearings, and decks to make the most durable skateboards. And if you don’t see your desired products on their list, don’t worry, all you have to do is contact their support and the company will find you what you ordered.

Support your local stores

What are the strongest skateboard decks
What are the strongest skateboard decks

Although shopping online can be quite convenient, as a dedicated skateboarder, you should always have a trusted address when it comes to offline shopping. “Where to find a good skateboard shop near me”, that should be the first thing to ask yourself when buying skateboards or gears.

These are the best places for skateboarders to look for quality products as well as excellent services. And the reason for this is because these are the stores of real skateboarders, the ones who love skating and love contributing to the community.

You might not know this but most skate shops don’t make much money from selling hard goods like trucks or decks, instead, they sell stuffs like shoes, clothes, or hats to make profits. And yet these local stores are the best places to find your high-quality hardware. You’ll find all kinds of components to upgrade, fix, or customize your skateboards, which are hardly found anywhere else.

In additions, not only that you’re able to find good items, but you’ll also be exposed to the skateboard community. You’ll learn a lot about skateboarding from the passionate and dedicated skateboarders who always want to give their best to others.

So if you love skateboarding, I highly recommend you find yourself a trusted address near you instead of shopping your gears at places like Zumiez or Walmart. However, if you just want to look for normal services or some clothing, then Zumiez is not a bad choice.