About Me

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Hello and welcome to my news site. My name is Yang Shin. I have been a skateboards instructor for nine years. Helping people and popularizing skateboards is my passion. The reason I created static3video.com, a website that will help you gain useful knowledge about skateboard, is to bring people together through this futuristic sport. And most importantly, help your health better through “skateboards exercise”.

You do not need to exercise?

In this digital age, exercise becomes a luxury thing. If you are someone who thinks like that, maybe you stay up late and use the phone all day. These habits can really ruin your health, and I can help you get rid of this bad thing with skateboards. So, what are the benefits that skateboards bring?

– Exercise in a more interesting way.
– Play sports with new friends.
– You will be more confident.
– You will be braver.
– You control your body better.
– Your health is better.
– You can earn extra income.

Why do skateboards have these benefits?

Slowly learn through my review articles on this website.

My expertise

Over the years, I have researched and collected information about skateboards. As long as you tell me what kind of person you are (beginner, semi-professional, or professional), I will tell you which skateboards you fit in, what skills you need to practice, and what benefits you will have!

How can this site help you?

My website can help you in many different ways. Think of it as a book containing all the information I have had for nine years as a skateboards instructor. I always wake up at 6 am and work hard. I have updated new skateboards articles every day because it is my passion. And if you need me to review a skateboard product, contact me! I am very pleased to help you!

When you leave my site, what information will you get?

– These skateboards fit your financial ability.
– The best skateboards for you.
– The latest information about skateboards companies in the world.
– Information about the skateboards community in the world.
– Benefits of skateboards that you will care about.
– Techniques in skateboards, from amateur to professional.
– Small parts of a skateboard, and their features.
– Tips for beginners.
– And more…

Thank you for visiting this news site. I hope that you can find information here that you need to improve your quality of life. After all, skateboards will definitely bring you to a new life with better quality.